RIZZARR: Inspiring Millennials to Make an Impact

Ashley is the founder and CEO of RIZZARR, the Millennial Marketplace.™ It has been one of Ashley’s life-long dreams to create a company, like RIZZARR. She has always wanted to create a positive space that her generation could call their own; a space where they could use their voices to impact and inspire other Millennials who are just like them around the world.



RIZZARR comes from the Spanish word “rizar” which means to ripple and is based on the concept of the ripple effect. Its mission is to gather the largest collection of Millennial thought leaders from around the world who create content to share their thoughts and inspirations on everyday life topics. On RIZZARR, Millennials of all backgrounds submit content that connects with every aspect of their lives. Consequently, they are not only able to support one another through their life journeys.



Ashley and the RIZZARR team strongly believe that regardless of a person’s age or circumstances, each of us has the power to use our life passion to make an impact that ripples across our world. The team hopes that through RIZZARR, Millennials and all generations will grasp the powerful ripple effects that each of us can create…