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When she is not working, Ashley loves traveling! She especially enjoys learning about the Spanish culture and speaks Spanish. In previous years, she has covered stories abroad. You can view some of her international print and broadcast reports by clicking on the icons below.



* All news clips and videos were reported, produced, shot, written, and edited by Ashley. *



— Grocott’s Mail Newspaper —
K-Day… it’s finally here
A taste for the traditional
— Cue Television & Other Entities–
Woza Festival (Reported Piece)
Desert Crossings (Reported Piece)
Purgatorio (Produced Piece)
Meri Kenaz and the Appropriate Context (Produced Piece)
Children’s Arts Festival (Reported Piece)
Madam Silk (Produced Piece)
The Bottle Top Mosaic (Produced Piece)
Visions Du Movement (Reported Piece)
Fingo Festival (Produced Piece)
-Guatemala News Story (Reported Piece)-