Positivity Does Spread… Even Little By Little

“Work while you have light. You are responsible for the talent that has been entrusted to you.”


~Henri Frederick Amiel



Consider this: It only takes one person, one action to change the world. We have seen this countless times through the lives of people like Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison, Martin Luther King Jr., and more. Through their legacies, I have come to realize that we just simply have to change our attitudes towards what we believe is actually possible.



You have to begin to believe that you can actually change your community and the entire world little by little… piece by piece. Understand that what you may consider to be a small contribution could eventually amount to something even greater…a change that could transform the world.



Therefore, remain hopeful in using your ideas and your gifts for the greater good. And most importantly, keep being resilient in using your life to positively change the world!