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Ashley is the leading Millennial strategist, spokesperson, consultant, and speaker for brands that want to reach Millennials — helping brands to create the right campaigns, craft the right messages, and produce events that bring brands and Millennials together. She offers consulting services as well as delivers speeches for brands, conferences, and academic institutions. Ashley has also led webinars to over 2,000 registrants!




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General Consulting & Speaking Topics


Millennials | Media | STEM | Entrepreneurship | Marketing | Social Media | Women In Tech | Inspiration | Diversity | Social Impact | Leadership | Youth & Female Empowerment | Corporate Social Responsibility | Cause-Related Marketing | Career & Academic Success | Leadership | Pursuing Passions | Personal Branding





Examples of Specific Topics


How to Garner the Loyalty Of Millennials | Why & How To Leverage Cause-Marketing to Millennials | How Employers Can Engage, Inspire, & Retain Millennials | How to Bridge the Gap Between Gen X And Gen Y in the Workplace | Strategies to Become the Person Who You Aspire to Be | Key Ways To Pursue Your Passions | Navigating High School & College | Staying True to Yourself | How to Network & Build Relationships | How to Discover Your Purpose | Steps to Fulfilling Goals & Dreams | How to Carve Your Own Path





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